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Hello! My name is Charlotte Mallory. I am a writer who is aspiring to become a published author. Right now I have two stories that are in their first drafts: Blood Type R and No Reflections. Both are paranormal stories with subgenres of romance, action, suspense, dark elements, passion, failure, and triumph.

I also have 2 blogs on here. One is about tips and advice on all things writing. The other blog is about my two stories that I am working on, the writing process, and unpublished excerpts. You can check out my twitter page, or my Wattpad page as well!

I am very active on Wattpad as @charlottemallory and belong to a few bookclubs on there. I also do reviews for people on there, and thus have been exposed to a lot of patterns in writing. That inspired me to start a blog about common errors that I see.

So here we are! It also helps me grow as a writer too.

I will be posting writing tips, things that have worked for me, advice, favorite videos that really impacted my writing and updates on my stories.

Happy Writing!




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