Blood Type R – Chapter 18 Excerpt

For those just stumbling on here, Blood Type R is a werewolf romance story found on Wattpad

Hello readers! I have decided, in conjunction with my general blog, to have a section dedicated to excerpts from my stories! I figured it would be a fun thing to do for my readers that follow the story!

Here is the same thing for my new gothic vampire romance story set in the 1860s called No Reflections. If you love dark vampires, then this will definitely be up your alley.

This is an excerpt from the middle of the chapter. Enjoy! (It may be subject to further editing as well)

Cora had no idea what just happened.

She stared at the matriarchs who were eyeing Ludovic with disdain. Whatever heated conversation they just had, he seemed to have won it.

Ludovic stood, and the other alphas did the same. Even Wolfgang.

“The Rs may rise,” a matriarch said with a snarl. The Rs rose, and Ludovic wasted no time as he walked forward, the other alphas following in suit.

Go,” the matriarch said as her eyes glossed over the Rs. “You’re free until the sun sets, to which you must return to the same home that we came from.”

“But I don’t know my way there,” Eliza piped up. “I’m terrible with directions!”

“Take it up with your alpha, then, if they are so mighty,” the matriarch spat with eyes that seemed to change color.

Cora didn’t know if that was a play of light or if the matriarch was letting out her feral side.

Either way, none of the Rs objected as they followed the alphas, walking through the beautiful forest as the sun seemed to be hiding behind clouds once again. Cora was attracted to the energy that Ludovic just omitted, especially when he had placed a hand on her shoulder. She didn’t know what he said, but he clearly just did something that elevated who he was.

Her eyes began to trail the mass of thin dreadlocks that were pulled to the center of his head, forming a ridge of hair that dangled just past his shoulders. The look suited him well, and Cora’s eyes didn’t stop there as they continued to trail over the hills and valleys of his muscles.

She jumped when she felt someone grab her arm. She half expected it to be Margot, but was surprised to see that it was actually Jessa. Her brown eyes were the brightest she had seen them yet. “What did your alpha say to them?” Jessa asked.

Cora was taken aback by the random question. “Oh, well – um. I don’t know. I don’t speak any Swedish,” she said with furrowed brows.

“Whatever it was, he seemed to have asserted himself,” Jessa said with a unanticipated tone of approval. She let go of Cora’s arm. “It was nice to see someone put the matriarchs in their place. Does he have a mate, do you know?”

“No,” Cora began apprehensively, eyeing Jessa up and down as this sudden interest seemed so out of character. “He doesn’t,” Cora said tersely.

“Interesting,” Jessa mused, her face relaxing as a desirous look came over her.

“Well, why? Are you interested?” Cora asked, trying to keep her voice low so as not to raise a scene. The clouds seemed to be moving fast today, as the stark light fell back over them, casting harsh, moving shadows on Jessa’s face.

She laughed quietly. “Seriously, were you absent just now? You don’t need to speak Swedish to read body languages. You saw what happened. He’s got influence, and he’s not afraid to use it. And if I am going to be sentenced to this lifestyle, then you can bet that I am going to aim high.”

Cora pressed her eyelids together as if trying to squish a bug and shot them open. She was amazed at how much of a turn around this was. “So what happened to being against becoming a hairy beast?”

“Well, it’s a bit late now, and if I have to pick a mate, then I want someone like him,” she said, pointing at him. “Especially since he’s an alpha. I wouldn’t mind the conviction of my womb if I were a Luna.”

Cora didn’t reply, trying to gather her thoughts as she looked around to see that nearly all the others were in their own hushed conversations. “Plus I do have to admit, lycans are in much better shape than most men in my village, especially him-”

“I get it,” Cora interjected. She was slightly embarrassed at lashing out, but she didn’t want to listen to this any longer.

“Do he and you have a thing?” Jessa asked with a pretentious tone.

“Does it matter?”

“I mean no one really has competition against me, so I suppose not. It would just be nice to know.”

“That’s not conceited at all,” Cora replied crassly.

“It’s the truth.”

“You know, you switch sides rather easily, and that fickleness won’t bode well for someone like Ludovic,” Cora said, looking to the moss around them as she realized what she just said.

“Oh, please! I’m not fickle, I just needed persuading. The matriarch told me that Ludovic was an alpha who might be looking for a mate. And there are a few betas in Ingram who are near the same standing. Then it hit me, that if that’s true, then this actually would be a much better life than the one I was going to live in Thaela. I was being propositioned to be the new wife of our governor. He was a grubby, fat old thing. I will miss Tanny, but I won’t say no to the honor being an R will offer, if I get someone like him,” Jessa repeated, her eyes were slightly glossed over with a blind selfishness

“You had a governor?” Cora asked, moving past the comment.

“You didn’t?”

“No, just the witches.”

“Well, I suppose it doesn’t matter now. We might as well get over it. We’ve got power to wield and men to take as ours.”

Cora opened her mouth and furrowed her brow. She was just utterly amazed at the transformation of Jessa, and how it oddly reminded her of Eliza. Not in personality, but on the same outlook of having a new found respect and power.

It made Cora reexamine her own self. Was she just not looking at this the right way? Or were she and Margot truly the only ones that missed their family?

She looked forward to Ludovic again, observing him as he conversed with the female alpha and another male with long black hair. How on Earth was she to tell what to do?

She just wished someone would give her the right answer. If only it were that simple.

She took in a long, deep breath. Perhaps she’d just have to accept that she’d never stop missing home, and whether she liked it or not, these creatures were her new reality. Life wouldn’t stop just for her, and she had a choice to make – to keep moving, or to remain swimming in her own self pity.

If she kept moving, then that meant that she needed to start focusing on seizing her own power, just like Jessa was. She might as well enjoy the ride if she had no option of getting away from it.

She smirked to herself as she immediately thought of Oren when thinking of power. If she took Ludovic for herself, then that meant she could deliver justice to the lycan that stole her brother.

She was never one for revenge, but she’d make an exception for him, and enjoy it too.


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