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A quick TL;DR about my work:
As an aspiring, unpublished author I have chosen Wattpad as my primary platform. I use Wattpad as a method to crowd source editing through bookclubs, reviews, and genuine fan feedback. Essentially, it is beta reading before sending it to beta reader! I love feedback and genuinely believe in criticism. I want my stories to be the best that they can be, and sometimes that means painfully looking through the lens of another. Wattpad is excellent for that.

 No Reflections is not yet on Wattpad. (You can subscribe to receive updates on when I start to publish it!) Once NaNoWriMo is over, I am going to start releasing chapters onto Wattpad.

Once my stories are finished, I will have them beta read. Then I will send them to literary agents and cross my fingers. If nothing bites, I will move to self-publishing, potentially re-work the covers, send it to an editor, etc. Once it is published, the story will be removed from Wattpad, save for the first 3 chapters. So now is a time to follow my blog, my stories and see the journey I go on!

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As a reminder, both stories below are in the first draft stage. I took a few classes on creative writing and world building, but I am not professionally trained. That’s why professional editors exist 😀 Anyway, the point of mentioning this is to be aware this is a platform for me to build a voice, a following, and to share knowledge and experiences. So I apologize for any erroneous grammatical issues, etc.

That being said, I am open to criticism at all times so feel free to sling it whenever you see fit! You can’t build if you don’t open yourself up to it!

BLood Type R

This is currently found on Wattpad. Once it is published, however, I will only have the first three chapters available. So now is the time to read the first draft for free!



Cora Gabris belongs to humanity, a nearly extinct race in the Americas. She is taken from her village when it’s discovered that she has a rare blood type useful to lycans – an evolution of werewolves.

She is presented to the alpha of Reiger, and it is decided that they need her to realize the potential that her blood has by becoming one of them. She learns that the place of Rs is to become a mate with the alpha or one of his betas, a fact that she refuses to partake in.

One of the other lycans uses collateral against her as motivation which forced her to make impossible decisions. She feels pressure to forsake humanity, and also desires she never imagined she’d have. Cora endures her new life and is forged into something greater than she ever thought she could be.

As Cora lives this new reality, a war slowly brews, which will ultimately lead to the hardest decision she will ever make.


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No Reflections: The Awakening is a story I started for NaNoWriMo and I have been outlining it for a while now. It’s the story I plan to pick up once Blood Type R is written. So far it’s turning out to be quite the dark, gothic story! I am loving it so much.


In the year 1868, Natalia Wood seeks out the aid of the Van Jager vampire hunters, as she is certain that a vampire is stalking her.

As she seeks to eradicate her problems, more continue to rise. Especially when she meets a secretive and alluring man named Vigo. She becomes obsessed with the suspicion that he is no mere mortal, despite her failed attempts to prove her accusations. An unexpected passion arises, and Natalia finds herself faced with a darkness she never thought she’d meet.

All the while, a danger grows as rumors prove to be more than fiction. A cult following has grown over the recent decades, and there are whispers that they are attempting to awaken a perilous horde of hibernating immortals.
And if they succeed, no one will be safe.


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